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How to Plan and Complete a Home Remodel

Not always dream house comes the way we want, but can get even better with a small work

Reforming the house is never an easy task, demands planning and a lot of patience, but in the end, it’s always worth it. Even because, basically, everyone who buys a property immediately thinks of leaving it with his face, whether in relation to the totality of the walls, creating or integrating rooms, modifying roof or changing finishes, for example.

However, the more you prioritize some aspects, the easier the process will be and the sooner you will finish the work at home. So we have decided to show that work at home may not be a seven-headed creature. See now how to plan and complete the reform of the house without suffering.

Planning retirement is essential to save your work and your pocket

Many people think that it is enough to decide what they want to change, buy the material, Eid Mubarak Pics hire employees and play the work, trying to stay within a budget. However, so that there are no unpleasant surprises along the way, according to the architects, the right thing is to have all the items specified in model, quantity, and pagination.

The idea, according to experts, is to make pricing more efficient and save on hiring. This relationship should be the first thing to do before anything else, so you can have an idea of ​​the size of the work you will do.

Is this process laborious? Quite a lot, but it’s also very economical – both in choosing the best prices at the time of purchase and avoiding the work being stopped while some decisions are still being made. Remember that stationary work also generates costs, including those built into the wear and tear of materials. Doing this worksheet can also help you filter some items, override specifications, and negotiate values. Planning the renovation makes the work at home more economical and safe.

Professionals should be contacted in advance

When it comes to renovating the house, everything should be done in advance. Good Morning Wallpapers For example, if you dream of that pool in the summer, it should start to be planned in June, but if the idea is to make a winter garden or a gazebo with a fireplace, they should start to be made in midsummer. Similarly, professionals should be looked for even more in advance. This is so you can get references, see portfolios, raise the best fees, meet the staff, etc. And remember to hire only truly trained professionals. Let the curious away from your work at home.

Material pricing should start before renovating the home

Do you know that story of taking bathroom prices while the work is in the living room? Forget. You should price everything before the retirement begins so you can close a budget.And, according to experts, interestingly the cost of labor on average is usually equivalent to the cost of finishing.

Make a schedule and try to reconcile services

Managing the work at home is not only a survey of prices and hire professionals, but also assemble and seek to maintain a schedule. For this, have a meeting with all service providers and question the deadlines of each step, including taking into account unforeseen.

Also pay attention to the logistics of the work, however simple it may seem at first. It should start with the demolition, then the electrical changes, lighting project, plaster lining, laying of the floor and marble, installation of the luminaires, first coat of paint, carpentry, finishing of the finishes and closing by painting retouching and/or installation of wallpaper and stickers.

Exclude from your home remodeling schedule

No matter how simple the work is, avoid beginning it at the end of the year. Although many people like to use the thirteenth to buy building material, the season is for parties and not always the prices are the best. In addition, many stores almost stop attending or receiving news and launches as early as mid-December. Another issue is that summer and spring are the rainy seasons, so all finishes, masses, and the cement will take time to dry or may be lost if exposed. Works on the outside, so do not even think about this time of year.

Avoid putting multiple providers working together to renovate an apartment

When this happens the work at home ends up being impaired. One ends up disrupting the work of the other and makes it difficult to get adequate quality control.

The idea is to specify exactly what and when each provider will do. To do this, compile a list of assignments and ask them to sign it. Besides being more organized, he will have more sense of his responsibilities. Keep this signed list along with all contracts, receipts, invoices, and even budgets. Dope Wallpaper They can be the guarantee that you will not have headaches any further.

Cleaning is also part of the renovation at home

Reforming apartment or house always generates an immense amount of garbage of the most varied types. They are remnants of plaster, crockery and floors, wood, iron and pieces of packaging, not to mention rubble and dust. The daily withdrawal of these items must also be specified in the contract. At the end of each day, the work should be as clean as possible.

On the other hand, when home remodeling definitely ends, small details of cleanliness should also be observed. Make a note of the initial agreement to remove paint drops, stickers from vats and crockery, dough, excess grout and even cleaning and vacuuming of rails for doors and windows, light fixtures and glazing. Remember that this cleaning is very different from the normal cleaning of the apartment and should be combined early in the work. In the end, the contractor must deliver the house ready for you to enter and live in.

MacBook Air does not care: see possible causes and how to solve

The MacBook Air may have several errors that make it not connect, especially if the model is older ( Apple’s ultrathin notebook has existed since 2008). The reasons for this may be linked to a defective charger, worn battery, and other hardware defects. In other situations, the computer may stop responding because of a critical software failure, for example. In any case, it is important to find out the reason for the crash to try to solve on its own or take the Apple laptop to the technical assistance. Check the MacBook Air for possible causes of error and learn how to proceed to fix the device.


Begin the investigation by the loader. On models of the MacBook made of MagSafe Magnetic Connector, make sure that the indicator light on the tip that fits into the computer is on. If the light does not come on, examine the cable and look for cracks that may indicate a break in the power supply from the power adapter to the notebook.

On the MacBook Air 2018, the task is simpler: leave the original USB-C cable aside and test another of the same type. Download Chain Even if it is not a 20 V and 5 A cable, such as a mobile phone charger, your MacBook should respond after a few minutes to the power outlet.


If the problem persists, the battery may be defective. Latest MacBooks do not allow you to remove the battery to check for power cord operation, but you can test a few tricks to make sure the component responds.

First, press the power button to find out if your MacBook Air makes a sound or displays lights, such as the Caps Lock indicator. If there is no signal, press and hold for 10 seconds, then release again.

If nothing happens, the battery may respond after a System Management Controller Reset. To do this, press the Shift + Control + Option keys on the left side of the keyboard and the power button at the same time. Hold for 10 seconds and release all keys at once. Then press the power button to turn on your MacBook.


A possible defect on the screen of the MacBook Air is easier to identify. When the display shows errors, the system starts normally and emits the typical boot sound, and other LEDs on the computer and the charger light up as expected. Also, remember to check if the brightness level is not at a minimum. If the computer is on, but the brightness key does not respond, try connecting an external keyboard to increase the brightness. Use the F2 key.

Operational system

When the MacBook’s failure is in the system, the computer usually turns on and displays some code or error symbol on the screen, such as an exclamation point. If this occurs, try the following:

  • Start in safe mode: Hold down the Shift key and turn on the Mac normally. Hold Shift until the end of the boot process.
  • Reset the non-volatile random access memory (NVRAM): Hold down the Option + Command + P + R keys and turn on the Mac. Continue pressing for about 20 seconds, when the MacBook Air may appear to be restarting.
  • If none of the above works, reinstall the operating system from scratch. You will need an active internet connection.